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Keaton's story

Keaton and I met in a room of 11 people in the prison he was soon to be released from about 6 weeks before his expected release date. He evidently had a plan and it was clear that he was a young man with very strong focus.

He was part of a partner programme that we were involved with at the prison, which meant that he had the opportunity to train for and obtain his CSCS card, which he did of course and started work with a large demolition and groundwork company.

We would meet every few weeks to catch up and out of all the people I've mentored, and there have been hundreds, he was by far the most driven to achieve all that he set out to do. He arranged his own accommodation and worked diligently on site. The only times that I was asked to get involved were a few mediation moments which were soon resolved and things were very quickly back on track.

Keaton was selected for an apprenticeship that would teach him new skills and enable him to earn a higher wage than he started on and this was just the news he wanted, his career was off to a great start.

Keaton told us: "I just want to learn a new skill that I can make a career out of"