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Joanne's story

When Joanne came to the RWF she had been through a rollercoaster of court hearings and interrogations. She had lost her job because of this and was no longer able to persue her career as a teacher, which she had been doing for many years. She was devastated to no longer be involved in what she loved so dearly. She met with her mentor and they got on very well, they investigated courses that Jo could do to start a new career path and often met to go climbing together.

Some incidents occurred, and Jo became very stressed. The RWF saw it was essential for her to keep accessing counselling to help her through this rough time in her life. With her new-found support network, Jo managed to find part time work as a receptionist and has maintained this job for a while now, it is good for her to have a steady income. When she is not at work she has started to go back to dancing, making music and is enjoying spending time with her cat.

It has been a chaotic year, but we couldn't be prouder of you Jo.