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Omer's story

When we met Omer for the first time, he was very clear about not wanting to return to his old lifestyle. A lifestyle that had led to him serving a 4 year prison sentence for drug related offences.

After referral onto our LifeChanger Mentoring Programme, Omer was introduced to his mentor, who met with him a few times prior to release, working on establishing rapport and identifying what issues he might face and what goals Omer had for himself following release.

He [Omer] was fortunate enough to be part of a training programme where he trained for his CSCS card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) prior to release and started a job painting & decorating within a few weeks of his release from custody.

Omer was fortunate enough to have the full support of his family and went to live there straight from prison where he was clearly taken care of and they were happy to have him back.

Even though he had all these positive things in his life, he still found that his mentor was able to offer him something that was different, an unbiased perspective on his life and a way to gauge the progress of his resettlement.

Omer said this: "The Reasons Why Foundation has been a positive in my life since I got released from prison, they've really helped me out"