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James's story

We met James when he was volunteering at a local flower stall, helping out while looking for employment in the area. James would share with our team, that he really wanted to teach or train other young people that were finding it hard to get their lives in order and find employment.

We recognised in James, a very clear desire to improve on his skills and develop his existing abilities, so when he asked to volunteer with us at The RWF, so that he could gain experience around working with young people facing challenges, we agreed.

James volunteered with us doing data entry and operating our social media channels. We were very pleased with his ability to learn and to take our coaching, seeing direct improvement in his achievements.

We now employ James to do outreach work for us in Lambeth and we are very happy with him.

We asked James what his challenges were and what benefits he noticed from and attributed to his engagement with us. He said that he always had found time keeping, sleep patterns and his self-belief to be issues before but since engaging with The RWF, he has managed to improve these areas and feels more energetic. He says that the coaching around professionalism has been hugely helpful including the use of language he has learned.

He had this to add:

  • “The RWF is always there to listen and offer guidance but doesn't push, like a professional coach combined with a personal mentor and counsellor all wrapped up into one. I've grown emotionally and feel so much better and clearer about myself and what I'm worth. I now have aspirations that I know I can achieve, that I didn't have before and I understand the reasons why I have acted in certain ways before, that weren't the best for me."