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Theo's Story

We received a referral to work with 20 year old Theo from his defense solicitor. They knew that Theo had lots of potential but was in need of some guidance and motivation. Theo had been in jail twice already but was at the time in the community on a suspended licence. Most of his convictions were a result of his drug dealer lifestyle. We built a strong relationship with Theo, encouraging him to broaden his perspectives and to take ownership of his future. Over time he began to open up to us and to talk about his family relationships and his childhood. When he was caught with a small amount of weed, but was faced with being sent to jail because of his suspended sentence, we were able to attend court at his sentencing hearing and to give evidence to the judge on his behalf. The judge was very impressed with Theo's involvement with us and as a result of our evidence decided to give him the minimum sentence which would see him serve just 3 months instead of a year or more. We also had the opportunity at that hearing to get to know his family, and especially his father who had just come out of rehab and who was determined to become the positive role model that Theo needed - a decision which we supported and talked through with his father at length. Theo has been looking with us at apprenticeships but is currently committed to starting his own venture with a friend which is not only legal but also lucrative. We are happy to say that as a result of these positive changes in Theo's life and outlook, and now that his father is keeping to his word to us to stay clean for him, Theo has decided that he no longer needs the additional support of a mentor with us. We see a very bright future for Theo, which he also now sees for himself, but he knows that we are always here for him to come back to if the road gets rough again.