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  • Introducing our £5 a month club

    Regular donations really do make such a significant difference to supporting our work. They can be the difference that ensures our work continues and that young people affected by crime continue to be able to access our services.

    By agreeing to making a regular monthly donation of £5 – you can, over the course of a year, create the following support:

    6 x inspirational mentoring sessions for a young adult affected by crime, helping them to make significant changes in their lives

    1 month of 1-2-1 support sessions from one of our expert staff, helping a young adult affected by crime to explore new opportunities and ways of thinking

    If that monthly donations was £10 then over 1 year, you'd create;

    12 x mentoring sessions

    2 months of support sessions from our expert staff

    Sponsor 1 person through our life changer workshops

    So as you can see, your regular monthly donations really can add up and make a significant difference to a young person's life.

    Thank you for your support!

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