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We run behavioural change programmes that help people involved in crime make better decisions + reduce the number of people who reoffend, lowering crime rates + reducing the cost to the tax payer.

We know that people will only change if they want to. We listen in order to understand the reasons that people offend in the first place, then provide help to enable them to create new lives, free from the anxieties of their past.

Reasons Why Foundation listening to Lambeth


“I learnt ways to avoid violent situations and getting angry”

“Getting to speak with the guys giving the workshop was great, they were very easy to talk with”

“You are the first to actually give a shit, properly listen and keep your word! You got me an interview and even took me to it. You took me to my CSCS test and keep in touch. Talking with someone who really understands has made such a difference to me since I came out. Amazing”

“I learnt a lot of things I didn’t know, proper eye opener”

Marina met us after nearly 12 years of finding it very difficult to secure employment due to having previous convictions. She was a committed mum to her children and the shame she felt at not being able to provide for her children as she wanted to and the hiding of her past from her friends and community, was huge. She constantly looked for work and attended interviews but whenever the question of convictions arose, she made her excuses and left.
In Marina’s words she “strongly feels without the Reasons Why Foundation she wouldn’t have found work and would have been in a consistent battle”, since engaging with The RWF, she has had two successful interviews and is now employed in a job that she enjoys and that pays her bills. She has faith that her future will be bright. Marina’s confidence has been restored and she feels that she can move on with her life and will not let her past hold her back any longer, thanks to The RWF guiding and supporting her.

“Roger’s work fills a much needed gap in the UK today. His work helps to re-orientate and re-engage those that have had a difficult start to life to help them make the right choices for themselves. Roger’s wealth of experience and congruent approach allows his clients to open up almost immediately and to explore difficult issues that prove to be barriers to a more conducive way of life. Watching Roger work was a privilege and a great learning curve for myself and the staff at the college. We would welcome him back at any time and heartily recommend him to anyone looking to work with those that seem out of reach”

Georgina Beadon

Aim Higher Co-ordinator (FE) Careers + Employability Team

Learner Services

South Essex College of Further & Higher Education