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Our Mission

We provide through-the-gate mentoring to people leaving custody, throughout the London area. We also run behavioural change programmes, helping people involved in crime to make better decisions and reduce the number of people who re-offend, improving lives, lowering crime rates and reducing the cost to the tax payer.

We know that people will only change if they want to. We listen in order to understand the reasons that people offend in the first place, then provide help to enable them to create new lives, free from the anxieties of their past.

Infographic to understand the facts of prison
Infographic to understand the difference we can make

"The Reasons Why Foundation has been a positive in my life since I got released from prison, they’ve really helped me out" Omer

"Having somewhere that I can come to and open up, knowing I’ll be listened to, has made all the difference for me. It gave me the space to look at my life more clearly with your help. You do wonderful work here!" Michelle

"without the Reasons Why Foundation I wouldn’t have found work and would have been in a consistent battle, since engaging with The RWF, I’ve had two successful interviews and am now employed in a job that I enjoy and that pays my bills. I’m very happy. Thank you" Marina

"I learnt ways to avoid violent situations and getting angry" Darren

"Getting to speak with the guys giving the workshop was great, they were very easy to talk with" Simon

"You are the first to actually give a shit, properly listen and keep your word! You got me an interview and even took me to it. You took me to my CSCS test and keep in touch. Talking with someone who really understands has made such a difference to me since I came out. Amazing" David

"I learnt a lot of things I didn’t know, proper eye opener" Paul

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