Young adults especially, possess huge capacity for change and those that have offended need appropriate support in order to break their cycle of re-offending.

The Reasons Why Foundation looks at the Reasons Why people make the choices that have negative impacts on their lives and those lives of others and together we find new alternatives and solutions to reduce re-offending rates and increase employment.

Funding received from LocalGiving's Magic Grants Porgramme to support our climbing activities in 2022

We are pleased to publicly acknowledge that we have received a small grant from Lovcalgiving's Magic Grants programme to enable some of our climbing activities in 2022.

Thank you Localgiving!

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Why mentor ex-offenders?


Mentorship is a personal relationship founded on trust and respect. Mentoring gives ex-offenders a chance to:

  • Set goals
  • Create a plan to reach those goals
  • Establish and talk through fears and concerns for re-entering society
  • Build a trusted relationship
  • Receive guidance on attaining additional resources

The Centre for Social Justice defines mentoring as “a voluntary relationship of engagement, encouragement and trust. Its immediate priority is to offer support, guidance and practical assistance to offenders in the vulnerable period around their release”.

Each ex-offender has their own individual experiences, including in their upbringing, the offense they committed, their experience in prison, the...

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The Psychological Impacts of Incarceration

"Few people are completely unchanged or unscathed by the [prison] experience" - Craig Haney, social psychologist and researcher on the Stanford Prison experiment.

A recent research project at the Institute of Criminology at the University of Cambridge, in which hundreds of prisoners were interviewed, concluded that being in prison “changes people to the core." Studies have shown again and again that environment in prisons has a huge impact, and of course, the longer people are incarcerated, the greater the impact of this environment may have.

Dr Christian Jarrett, editor of the British Psychological Society's Research Digest blog, found that “longer and harsher...

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Challenge 2019 - The Royal Windsor Triathlon - 16th June

We are getting ready for this Sunday 16th June. Have you heard? We have created an incredibly committed team that will take part in the Triathlon and will swim, cycle and run in support of our work at The Reasons Why Foundation.

If you would like to help our foundation and donate, you can find the entrants below with links to their Fundraising pages. A contribution, however big or small is welcomed and much appreciated!

This year's 'Challenge Team' is made up of staff, volunteers, board members, donors, mentors and supporters and their dedication to this event and our work is highly...

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Olly is Conquering His Fears for The RWF

I have a confession to make. I have now been running regularly for nearly five years and have not raised one single £ for charity. Yes, that's correct - despite having run two marathons, five half marathons and numerous 10k's, I have not once decided to use one of the things I love doing most of all to raise money for a good cause.

This seems even stranger given my fairly generous disposition, as well as the sheer number of charities that offer places for some of the world's greatest running events.

So why haven't I done anything? If I'm being honest,...

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