Olly is Conquering His Fears for The RWF

I have a confession to make. I have now been running regularly for nearly five years and have not raised one single £ for charity. Yes, that's correct - despite having run two marathons, five half marathons and numerous 10k's, I have not once decided to use one of the things I love doing most of all to raise money for a good cause.

This seems even stranger given my fairly generous disposition, as well as the sheer number of charities that offer places for some of the world's greatest running events.

So why haven't I done anything? If I'm being honest, it's probably been down to fear – fear of failing to raise any money, fear of even asking for the money and above all, fear of failing to complete the challenge at all. I guess in many ways, I've always been a slightly selfish runner, preferring to simply concentrate on my training without any additional expectation and revenue raising pressures.

I'm delighted to say however, that following a short but persuasive conversation with Roger – Founder and Chief Executive of the Reasons Why Foundation - that's all change d. I've set aside these fears and have agreed to take part in the running leg of forthcoming Royal Windsor Triathlon alongside other supporters of the Foundation. Not only that but I'm combining my participation in next month's Brighton Marathon to help increase the fundraising potential.

This commitment has in some ways increased the pressure on me, however, it's also brought an even greater focus to my training and a clear sense that all those lonely miles and alcohol-free weeks will ultimately impact positively on someone else's life. That's a really powerful feeling and I can't wait to complete both events and raise as much money as possible. I still want to get the best time I can, but I recognise that my performance in either event is no longer the most important thing at stake.

Maybe I'm no longer such a selfish runner!

If you can please support our work and Olly's efforts by donating to his fundraiser.