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Dennis's story

We met Dennis in prison where he had been incarcerated with his brother for running a stolen car dealership. Dennis had got very good grades at school, was well qualified and had been working in a good skilled job for a large international company when he was arrested. By his own admission he had let greed get the better of him. We recognised that Dennis had needs that were quite different from a lot of the individuals we most often work with. While he was in prison we found out about his interest in finance, accountancy and technology and his desire to pursue professional qualifications and to start his own business. So, we partnered him with a mentor who works as a computer analyst in a corporate environment for an international bank. As well as allowing Dennis to talk about his relationship with his wife and kids and the impact his actions has had on them, this partnership has allowed Dennis to discuss his options for further study and to also foster his entrepreneurial skills. As a result of their weekly meetings Dennis has decided to study for the AAT exams (industry gold standard for accountancy). We have also found a program that funds individuals to study for and take these exams over 3 years. Dennis has also received support in deciding upon and working on launching his own fintech business (which we are all very excited about!). We also wrote to the court to vouch for Dennis's resolve to make something of himself legitimately which helped him negotiate with the police so that his assets are sold fairly to meet his debts to the court so that he can start afresh from a clean slate. We can't wait to see what comes from all of Dennis's hard work and new attitude!